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Fascinated as I am by Labyrinths, Standing Stones and Stonecircles you will find everywhere in our Good Old Europe, I thought it time to experience our own ancient Stone Monuments.  Our Dolmens. Our Province Drenthe alone has 54 of them.

As it happend I felt the need to have some time on my own somewhere in the wilderness. Creating some distance between myself and an issue I could not get out of my system.  No TV, Computer, Newspaper and Music. Just reading, reflection and silence.

So off we went, Sarah and me. To a lovely B&B in Gieten. On our way up I just  hopped into our postoffice annex bookstore to mail a parcel.  A book “The White Army. Knight Templar for eternity” caught my eye. Oh well, let’s take it along…

“Go find a lonely place in Drenthe”, the writer advised. “Leave TV and computer off. Go back to your Inner Self. Work through the proces as I describe in this book and see how it will work out for you in your life. How trusting your intuïtion will make synchronicity happen. Like I am convinced the Knights Templar lived by and got their power and inner strength  from.”

Talk about synchronicity … I already found myself right there when I read this… and yes, I did just that.

Dolmens are impressive monuments.  They lack energy but give you peace and quiet. Take you back thousands of years.

The fields of burial mounds breath  serenity and love.

The energy I brought homewith me still amazes me. Priorities and targets took a spectacular turn.  And with it came the dedication and energy to make it happen.

“Be like me Els ” this beautiful tree wispered to me.

“Stand with your roots firm into the soil.  You are and will  get damaged in life.  Like me.  You have and l will encounter big immovable stones on your way.  Like me.  Do not worry about it. I  do not. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy Life. Like  me”.

Lifting my arms up towards the  heavens I did.

And guess what ? I did find a small labyrinth !

Hidden in a shadowy corner of the museum. On a poster next to  a beautiful sculpture made by this artist.

Next year March we go to another secluded place. Sarah and me. That is for sure.

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