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So  many times you say it in thought.  When the 6th of June arrives again :   “Thank you that you came… for me.”

But then comes the day you have to go there.  To stand with your bare feet in the sand on the beaches of Omaha, Gold, Juno, Utah and Sword.   Trying to visualize how it must have been that early morning at sunrise.  The immense fleet.. these thousands and thousands of young men storming those beaches. Their courage… their fear… their lives…

To face my own nightmares that will come again…

From behind that horizon ..little one … they came… for you..

Omaha Beach

Deep in thought you walk between the magnificiently maintained cemetairy behind Omaha Beach. You read names. You read how young … how old they were.  Davidsstarts on many a cross.

“Here rests our Honoured Comrade in Arms.  His Name known only to God”. Here too I leave a small pineapplecone.  My hand rests on his cross  and   my   Thank You leaves my soul.

On the German Cemetairy young people too. Names unknown… 16.. 17 years old.   ” What choice did you have ?” I ask them. ” What was your fear watching this immense fleet coming towards you?”

Chartres Cathedral was dark and empty.  The Labyrinth movingly beautiful and ancient.

I walked it… and after an hour… walked it again. Then – finally – peace came into my soul .. and I knew the nightmares would end.

Yes, I went to those beaches and many small stones  and shells  found their place in a basket at home. My monument for them all..

“Thanks you that you came. For me. Sothat I could live my life in freedom and peace”.

My Thank You…

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