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When you try to keep up with the digital world of today you need Teachers. Professionals.


Having taken up the project of making my Siberian Husky Archive – such a great part of Dutch and European  breed & sleddogsport history – digital, a website has to be created.

This Professional Website Builder I found.


Pictures, slides and films have to be scanned in.   Every week she comes in – this Pro –  and gives me a two hours lesson. .. leaving me with plenty of homework.

As for my WordPress Weblog.. the same story.  So much more can be done with it and so often I get mixed up in this language and the problems that I encounter.  My WordPress Teacher shows me the way.

Liberty& Emily


The great privilege is that all three Professional Teachers are very good friends.

Needless to say that in the process I see all those dogfaces again… and the memories that go with them.

Here are some of them.  Part of my soul.  All of them.

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