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We go to the other side of this our world to see our family and friends.
It has been too long.  But…..
Samwise lives here

Will I meet Sam in Hobbiton ? 

Ofcourse I will. The Lord of the Rings Saga country is New Zeeland.     

But she will miss Firnjen



Will I meet Eragon and Saphira again ?

When they left Alagaësia for good, I am certain they went to New Zeeland.Where else can they raise the small new hatchling dragons in peace and quiet ?


Like this one


Will I find some labyrinths ?  If not.. I will just make some myself. 




Am I forgetting my Siberian Huskies ?

Ch. Alaskans Babiche of Anadyr


Ofcourse not ! I will find them !

He got me home





Here is my Babiche..   he loved to show himself.. a joy.. and he always got me safely home!

And Last but not least… 

…hope to find a I.O.O.F. “Odd Fellows” Lodge and experience fellowship and reflexion – just like at home – with my Rebekkah Sisters.

Facebook, Email or regular post… you will hear from me somewhere somehow !







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