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There are periods in life when it seems you allow life taken out of your hands.

You way of thinking, your spiritual approach to things the overall grip on it eludes you.  FaceBook can be one of the negative infulences in this respect. Its often sad and  ridiculous posts. The disapointing reactions.

Neigbours maybe. Friendships that were not what you assumed them to be..

Once you are aware of this happening the moment must come that you tell yourself : “Wait, this has to change. I have to do something about it. Right Now”.

So, back to Fathers armchair, Sister Nen’s small pillows, Mother’s  small bedside chess and Grandmother Mona’s Bookcase…

…….back to my meditation corner.. it has been too long..


My Elflings smile                                              The Runes guide

lily voorkantrune harvest ingekort

yourself voorkant       

The Labyrinth Wisdom Card’s support..   


                                                  .. and start walking labyrinths again  ..

                                                                    I will get there !!


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