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It took some perseverance.  Became  more of a pelgrimage and an emotional one at that. Underestimated the time and work it took. Not finishing it – no matter what – was never an option.

Here it is   http://www.kolymakennels.com   go have a look! We are proud of it!

Jeff Saward. P1040037

                                                Thank you Jeff that you took this journey with me.The     Spirit and beauty of Labyrinthos there in every page.

Majoleine de KlerkP1040075                        

    All those Thursday evenings of spagetti, lessons and  help to get the information to Jeff.. Big hugs for that and  till soon I hope!!

And with the Champagne the next project was born. 


                          With Kimberly Sawards help!

Pfff…into the garage with those darn  boxes..

P1040035..and all the stories I wrote about the breed??

No idea!

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