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Just another College Class.

We finished our final exams on a very special Highschool together in 1957. 
We never lost track of eachother,  the ten of us. Never lost touch. 
Somewhere in time we decided to just continue our yearly school outings, organizing it in turn.

I took the girls to the small Castle Sypestein  in Nieuw Loosdrecht.


The garden has a lovely Maze.
You have to go that way >


< and I found  this beautiful gate



And in the castle I found this print of a very special labyrinth pattern.


Looking forward to next year!

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All it takes..

.. Is a nice cold winterday… a sweet little dog to go out with.. a solid layer of cloths  and you will meet ..

a Fearce Dangerous Lion…

… and these sweet little dreamers….

… about Iceland… like me..

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