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Knitting Olympics !

Watching TV is fine. Sport on TV is wonderful.  However… hanging in your chair in front of it in an onproductive way… not acceptable.

Hence I knit.  Socks, sweathers.. and whatever projects come to mind.

When the Olympics started I thought:

“You know what, I will start a sweather and will knit our Super Speedskater Sven Kramers Gold Medal(s) into it and whatever other sportshero’s achievement who catches my support. Winning or losing”.

Surprise.. there is a whole Knitting Olympic going on ! Start when the Flame is lit.  Finish when it is extinguised.

Sven.. you were absolutely Super !

Knitted Sven’s Gold Medal into  this part of my Olympic Project.

As for reaching the finishline in time …

“Participating is more important than Winning”.

PS. For more information visit the sites

http://www.Ariandnesthread.wordpress.com  and http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog

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