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Just another College Class.

We finished our final exams on a very special Highschool together in 1957. 
We never lost track of eachother,  the ten of us. Never lost touch. 
Somewhere in time we decided to just continue our yearly school outings, organizing it in turn.

I took the girls to the small Castle Sypestein  in Nieuw Loosdrecht.


The garden has a lovely Maze.
You have to go that way >


< and I found  this beautiful gate



And in the castle I found this print of a very special labyrinth pattern.


Looking forward to next year!

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The Labyrinth of  St.Quentin.

To  me the most Spiritual.. most Ancient and most Beautiful labyrinth  lies at the entrance of the Kathedral of St.Quentin, 200 km North of Paris.

Your Pilgrimage to Jeruzalem ? Here it lies …right in front of you.  Your Jeruzalem is waiting for you.   Since 1214.  Step into it and make your journey.

“La Lieue de Jeruzalem”          –   “The Road to Jeruzalem”

Often I go there.    To take someone who is close to me to Jeruzalem in my thoughts .  To come into my own spiritual Self.   The esoteric music…the silence… to have this ancient labyrinth all to myself.. it makes it unique.

“Did you find your Jeruzelem? ” someone asked me once when I was sitting on a chair… still deep in thought….

Yes I did.  My Jeruzalem is always waiting for me. Every time I step on these ancient blue tiles.

And if you find the Labyrinth of  Amiens open …

… you have one of your absolutely perfect days !

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The Lierop Labyrinth

When the French Emperor Napoleon occupied our country he decreed  that everybody needed a name and should be officially registered.

Many people choose their names after the village in which they lived or were born in. As did my ancestors. The village Lierop still exists in the South of my country.

That we were not the only ones in the Netherlands with that name became clear when the village invited all of us  van Lieroppen for her 825th  “birthday ” in 1980.

Not surprisingly… Lierop has a labyrinth and you will understand that the Lierop Labyrinth is the first (.. of many!!) I want to share with you.

A sculptur created many artworks on his property, amongst them many labyrinths.

The walkable one is situated in the Sun Temple.

Here it is ……..

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