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..and here he is ..

www.kolymakennels.com – copyright 2011 – E.O. van Lierop – Website by Labyrinthos.

 For over 30 years 4 big plastic boxes with slides, films and pictures of our dogs and teams and those who went the same trail with us getting the sleddogsport in Central Europe going with the Siberian Husky, got dragged along to every new home I found. “I have to do something with it, I know… because when I leave this world all this archive I have  both in my head and in those boxes, will be lost. But how ? When?”

Well, it took the development of this our digital world to solve that problem. Getting deep into the labyrinth world to find the  webmaster in…metJeff

  ..  Jeff Saward to help me get the job started.

Some tenacity and a deep  love for my dogs and the breed to finally get to that moment to sit down , drag those boxes from under my bed and say to myself :

Now, let’s see, what do I actually have here ?”files

This is just the beginning of an ongoing project. The layout, the way Jeff and I finally decided upon how it would be right for us both, now stands ….

      Els1    …and my dogs and the sport I never stopped loving will keep me going !

I will keep digging and Jeff will keep adding.   Are all my data correct ? I doubt it, but I hope I will be corrected by those who were there with me!  Will I forget someone ? that’s what worries me. Will my story be complete ? my archive isn’t so it can’t possibly be!

When will it all be finished ? No idea, probably when I topple over and will leave this world to join all my loved ones, family and dogs.. in that spirit world up there somewhere !

marjoleineBut whenever that may be, it will not really get done if Marjoleine de Klerk does not keep coming every Thursday evening to give me her digital lessons!

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When you try to keep up with the digital world of today you need Teachers. Professionals.


Having taken up the project of making my Siberian Husky Archive – such a great part of Dutch and European  breed & sleddogsport history – digital, a website has to be created.

This Professional Website Builder I found.


Pictures, slides and films have to be scanned in.   Every week she comes in – this Pro –  and gives me a two hours lesson. .. leaving me with plenty of homework.

As for my WordPress Weblog.. the same story.  So much more can be done with it and so often I get mixed up in this language and the problems that I encounter.  My WordPress Teacher shows me the way.

Liberty& Emily


The great privilege is that all three Professional Teachers are very good friends.

Needless to say that in the process I see all those dogfaces again… and the memories that go with them.

Here are some of them.  Part of my soul.  All of them.

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Years and years it has taken me before I could find the courage to look into my Siberian Husky files.

Ten years ago I went back to Willow, Alaska for a long winter.  To face the dreams haunting me, waking me up in tears morning after morning.  Had to deal with them. Work through them. Back at the place where it all began.

Now then.. finally finding the energy – and the courage –  to sit down and start my project getting my Sleddog Story digital…

taking the 1st nine dogs out in training

discussing the training in the playground

… now then …

..I am  completely surprised by the joy… the intense love and compassion.. the positive emotions and energy it gives me when I see all those dogfaces again.

Miracles do happen ofcourse..

on the road to the races

All it takes is believing in them, believing in yourself and go for them.

.. and be very grateful ..

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About Dogs….

Everybody has a dog. Knows somebody who has one. Or knows somebody who knows someone who has one.

Then maybe you have heard about the troubling fenomena of Hipdysplasia and Patella Dislocation.

Hipdysplasia : the hipsocket becomes to flat to keep the head of the hipbone in place. It severely restricts the dog in its movement and can be very painful.

Patella Dislocation : a kneejoint disfuncion allows the kneecap (patella) to move. This causes the same restriction and pain.

But.. did you know there excists animal fysiotherapy ? And there is an instrument that can help improve and even completely cure this problem ?

This eldery male  (left) Patella D.improved greatly.

The Golden Retriever’s (right)  hipjoints were so bad that putting him to sleep seemed to be the only option.  He was declared completely cured..

Here is the therapy

Both are running around and playing and enjoying life to the full again !

And here  is Dandy. Nothing wrong with Dandy but he imensely enjoys the whole procedure and loves to show you all how it works .

Pass it on… the dogs inflicted will be eternally greatful.

As will be their owners.

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In Memoriam

Starting a New Year means – at the same time – closing the passed one.

For me it feels different this time.                     For me it is closing a Book.

My Siberian Husky Sleddog  Life Book.

On the 5th of December Lew van Leeuwen passed away. We shared our sleddoglife together. Helping to get the breed well established in Central Europe. Our Anadyr Siberian shuttle of eighty dogs  (they say…never counted them myself) became legendary. Matching the individual dogs to their owners and genetically to their dogs was quite a challenge. Talking Earl and Natalie Norris (Alaskan Kennels, Willow Alaska) “out off them” a story in itself.

With our European sleddogfriends we build the trails, agreed, disagreed and competed against eachother in good comradeship. We founded breedclubs and sleddogclubs together. Put the sport on the worldwide sleddog calender together.

In time the trails of Lew and me took different directions. But the good memories will be there forever.  The dogs part of my soul.

My Thank You to you Lew!

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